Chase helps business owners and entrepreneurs professionalise their business to ensure long-term sustainability and maximise efficiency.

Professionalising the Business – Establishing the Advisory Board

Chase combines it practical experience with advisory boards and business planning to provide mentoring advice and coaching to business owners and founders.

Chase assists our clients by recommending a professional structure to the business and its processes and procedures. Professionalisation is taking a business to the ‘next level’ which is a critical success factor when organisations are experiencing rapid growth and managers are recruited to work in the business. The process of professionalising the business is the recognition of the importance of motivated, well-informed and talented people within the business as well as putting in place developed plans and systems to monitor performance.

Our professionalising the business consulting expertise includes establishing and formalising processes:

  • Implementing business plan, which is central to the professionalisation process
  • Sound operating plans and methods that guide the process of interaction within the business
  • Strong, competent management at all levels to support the plans and, importantly, the people capable of implementing them
  • Articulated performance expectations that develop clear, well-defined goals, KPIs and expectations for the management team
  • An appropriate reward and compensation system to provide management with certainty rewards that are provided upon performance
  • Formal monthly business review meetings and performance reporting
  • The establishment of an advisory board to contribute significantly to the professionalism of the business by providing sound, objective advice.

Chase coaches and mentors executives and boards to professionalise their business, taking it to the ‘next level’ of governance. Contact us today