Chase helps transform organisations to maximise their performance and deliver their strategic goals.

We deliver breakthroughs in performance for our Clients, enabling organisations to achieve their full potential.

Delivering Performance Improvement

We help companies achieve their full potential with strategies that are implemented across the organisation, its supply chain or within specific areas of performance. We focus on performance improvements that are measured by business outcomes and benefits.

Chase helps clients solve their most important and challenging business issues. We are recognised for deep industry knowledge, functional expertise and practical experience to formulate and implement sustainable improvement strategies aimed at improving performance and overall competitiveness.

Chase improves the efficiency and effectiveness of clients’ operations with a balanced approach, focused on increasing efficiencies and effectiveness and the development of sustainable sources of competitive advantage.

Our performance improvement consulting expertise includes:

  • Business modelling and optimisation

  • Business intelligence

  • Lean and process redesign

  • Supply chain evaluation and advanced planning and optimisation

  • Sales and operations planning

  • Cost savings and site rationalisation

  • Change management

  • Program management/project office and project management

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