Innovation is fundamental to the long-term growth and sustainability of every business and organisation.

Chase helps clients grow and diversify into new markets by commercialising and scaling their innovations.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Chase helps entrepreneurs establish new enterprises and helps businesses and not-for-profit organisations grow and diversify into new markets by screening and evaluating business opportunities. We utilise entrepreneurial best practices with a deep understanding of customers'  needs to discover economically lucrative opportunities that others miss, to marshal the resources to launch an entirely new business/business unit, and to manage the profitable growth of their business.

Chase helps organisations build their innovation capabilities and maximise the impacts from their innovation investments. We help our clients look at the future differently from various perspectives, helping them to innovate and transform themselves.

Chase provides clients with a factual basis to screen, evaluate and scale their innovations. We evaluate the window of opportunity combining customer insights with in-depth market analysis of industry performance, the competitive landscape, key success factors, economics, the available market size, cost structures and operating conditions.

Chase develops and shapes our clients’ business models by evaluating the options that best match their unique capabilities. We identify the primary customer groups and estimate the potential revenues. We determine the resourcing requirements, operational and overhead costs, strategic alliances and intellectual property rights and consider the potentially fatal flaws, major risks and problems in order to determine the required investment.

Our innovation and entrepreneurship consulting expertise includes:

  • Building innovation capability
  • Grabbing the opportunities for innovation
  • Entrepreneurial business planning to secure equity investment and funding
  • Australian and international customer research to validate the customer demand and price points for new market offerings
  • Commercialisation processes introduce a new product or service into the market
  • Developing and implementing business marketing strategies for domestic and international markets


Ready to accelerate your innovation?

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