How to Embrace Disruption Guide

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How to Embrace Disruption Guide

Plus Deep Innovation Insights


We have developed a disruption guide to help organisations carefully evaluate and determine their strategic response to embrace disruption and ensure long-term profitability and sustainability.

Our Key Insights and Disruption Guide builds on our first Disruption Study report with a number of deep insights on the differences in strategy, behaviours and benefits of disruption-ready organisations in comparison to their peers.

During April 2016, 110 organisations answered a disruption survey instrument. The sample was segmented to compare disruption-ready with those organisations that have been disrupted. We defined disruption-ready organisations as innovative start-ups, early adopters and advanced incumbents. We identified that disruption-ready organisations are innovative and have some very clear differences in their strategy, their disruption behaviours and the benefits they have realised when compared to mainstream and disrupted organisations.

We found that disruption-ready organisations are:

  • Realising more customer acquisition, retention and profitability benefits;

  • Generating new income streams;

  • Improving productivity and operating costs; and

  • Increasing overall profitability and sustainability.

in comparison to Mainstream and Disrupted Organisations

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