Chase evaluates programs and projects to demonstrate their outcomes and impact. We make recommendations to improve their effectiveness, future program design and determine the need for continued funding.

Evaluations – Insightful Recommendations for Program Success

Chase helps our clients, whether they are not-for-profits, public companies or private enterprises, evaluate their programs and investment projects to improve their effectiveness, demonstrate their impact and make recommendations for future program design.

Chase undertakes highly intensive and strategic evaluations. We develop options to enhance and improve system performance, utilise geo-mapping technologies to enable us to undertake service planning evaluations such as population modelling and geographical mapping. We have conducted longitudinal and national surveys with sample sizes of more than 1,000 people.

Our evaluation consulting expertise includes:

  • Improving program design and implementation
  • Improving the program's effectiveness
  • Demonstrating program impact and benefits to funding sources and to the community
  • Comparing and sharing information of success with similar organisations
  • Determining the need for continued program funding
  • Recommending improvements for future programs and projects

Our experience and expertise enable us to deliver insightful evaluations, breakthrough outcomes leading to successful outcomes for our clients.

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