Customers are the source of real growth. Chase combines in-depth customer insights with a deep understanding of strategic drivers to help our clients develop customer strategies that create sustainable growth.

Customer Experience and Market Research

Chase helps businesses by surveying customers and examining their behaviour, decision-making factors and intentions. We measure service levels, loyalty and business confidence to develop customer strategies and develop practices that lead to sustainable growth.

We research leading-edge customers, new emerging markets, distribution channels and international markets to provide our clients with deep insights for creating sustainable growth. Under undertaking quantitative and qualitative research, we identify the available market for our clients and provide an in-depth understanding of customer segmentation, product segmentation, and determine the optimal pricing for products and services.

Chase conducts longitudinal customer research for clients to measure and benchmark their annual performance and to identify changes in customer behaviours and needs. We geo-map survey results to identify performance variations and customer needs across geographic regions and territories.

Our customer research consulting expertise includes:

  • Customer experience research to protect market share and increase share of wallet
  • Annual national customer survey measuring customer perceptions and service levels, customer behaviours and business confidence and loyalty (Net Promoter Score)
  • Government and industry consultations to validate the market need for new services and programs
  • Customer research to determine price points and market demand for a new market offering
  • International distributor and reseller research to identify export channel performance success factors and optimise channel performance
  • International customer research to validate the export demand
  • Developing and implementing business marketing strategies for domestic and international markets
  • Retailer and end customer research that identifies the key factors for protecting and growing market share

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