Developing the Business Case

Does producing the business case get a little chaotic?

It starts innocently with a simple request from senior management. You form a team and dive straight into identifying the solution. Before you know it, you have skipped a few key planning activities and missed some of the critical information needed for approval.

 The weakest part of the process ends up creating havoc in meeting the timelines for approval.

Being told that the financials, such as the operational costs required to embed and support the innovation into “business as usual” operations, have been underdone can be both disappointing and discouraging. It also means going back, redoing work that has been previously done, reengaging with key stakeholders, partners and suppliers. Rework creates significant time pressures and stress you don’t need as you frantically prepare for the next decision-making cycle.

The Business Case Workbook and Templates

There is a better way to produce a business case.

 Meet Chase Consulting’s’ business case workbook. It comes alive as a step by step workbook, checklists, templates and worksheets. All of the sections fit together to produce a compelling business case. The Chase business case workbook facilitates the collaborative effort between stakeholders involved in project delivery and those responsible for the outcomes. So, discussions, analysis and recommendations are always in context instead of a messy process that wastes you and your teams valuable time.

Save the time you spend on modifying and merging different tools, templates and worksheets.

The Chase business case workbook is a proven process that brings the rigour into developing the business case.

 The workbook is packed with tons of tips and insights and unique worksheets from industry best practices.

You can:

  • track the development of the business case

  • report to the leadership team on your progress with our business case dashboard

  • undertake risk assessment

  • quantify the strategic, financial and social benefits.

You can even performance financial scenario analysis with discounted cashflow analysis.

Mix and match these tools to fastrack the development of the business case that works for you and your team.

The workbook was built to take “time” out of the process to develop the business case.

Rescue Your Time

Before you run out of time, check out our Business Case Workbook. It’s an in-depth resource that breaks down each stage of business case development, so you can have more confidence in the process for producing your compelling business case. Get the Chase Business Case Workbook now, save time and have a more productive workday.