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4 Steps to Driving Customer Experience and Performance
Master the customer journey and boost business success with these crucial steps.

4 Steps to Driving Customer Experience and Performance


Customers are the source of real growth and today’s customers expect immediate and personalized interactions. Organizations must differentiate their brand through timely, targeted and tailored customer experiences based on real-time data analytics to meet these expectations.


Question - How do you create great customer experiences which drive performance when your customers’ behaviours and habits rapidly change?

Answer - By linking real-time customer experience and business unit performance into actionable plans.

Driving Customer Experience and Performance

Here are the four steps to unlock the customer experience and drive organizational performance:

Step 1 Discover the Customer Experience

  • Tap into specific surveys you may create, along with the social media platforms, to see how the customers feel about the business unit location/region they are purchasing from.
  • Establish a reliable baseline of experience and performance.

You are mapping the customer interactions with your organisation is a sound business strategy. In today’s world, this can be done with intelligent software combining and analyzing the information from multiple sources such as reading the feeds from social media like Tweets, Instagram and Facebook and specific customer surveys automatically sent to your customers.

Step 2 Measure the Customer Experience and Performance Gaps

  • Measure the customer and brand experience for each business location or region.
  • Identify the channel and customer pain points.
  • Look for the gaps at individual business locations.

Uncovering and measuring the moments that matter is critical in creating a genuine customer experience. If there are certain common issues at certain organizations, then these will start to show (positively or negatively), and actions can be planned to improve the experience or remove the problem.

Step 3 Develop Actionable Insights

  • Prioritize touchpoints to address business opportunities.
  • Improve conversions.
  • Reduce customer churn.
  • Enhance loyalty.

Step 4 Optimize the Customer Experience and Organizational Performance

  • Dashboard analysis to allow straightforward interpretation.
  • Increase share of wallet.
  • Improve gross margins.

Customer Experience dashboard

The well-designed customer experience and business location/region performance dashboard will highlight how customers’ preferences and behaviors are changing and will provide many profound insights into where the customer segments are moving. These insights are integral to strategic decision-making and improving long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Our experiences conducting customer experience research have shown that organizations with a high customer experience have higher customer loyalty.

Our customer experience research confirms that customer experience is a prerequisite for customer loyalty, and in turn, customer loyalty is one of the most critical drivers for the long term, sustainable business growth.

Linking business location and region performance with customer experience on a business location or region basis is fundamental to unlocking the customer experience and driving organization performance.

A positive customer experience not only results in making your customer happy but leads to additional revenue through:
  • Turning new customers into loyal customers.
  • Increasing customer advocacy.
  • Helping your brand stand out from competition.
  • Building trust and creating personal relationships.

This approach translates your business objectives into real-time customer experience metrics and dimensions that you can use to measure, improve and drive performance. So, it's pretty important to get right.


By concentrating the focus of the customer experience insights on the end to end customer journey, your organisation will achieve genuine customer satisfaction and improved business performance.

Chase Consulting can help your organisation with the important decisions on customer experience strategy to define the actionable plans that deliver a positive, meaningful experience across the entire customer journey.

Adapted from the article written by Craig Peacock - Director of Chase Consulting and Peter Buckingham - managing director of Spectrum Analysis published on Inside Franchise Business.


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