Video Series - 2019 Innovation Research Study

The innovation research study video series is a Chase Consulting initiative that helps organisations learn valuable lessons enabling them to improve their innovation performance.

The 2019 innovation research study uncovered some significant results spanning organisations of all sizes, sectors and industries.

Our short series of videos explores the innovation practices of high performing organisations. How does your organisation compare? And what lessons can you learn from the best innovators in industry?


Video 1 – Introduction

The 2019 Innovation Research Study has identified a cohort of organisations that are innovating strategically, they are creating and embedding a culture for innovation, and are delivering more value from their innovation initiatives.

They have a significant advantage when it comes to their people, their innovation culture, innovation program focus, maturity and techniques.


Video 2 – Strategic Innovation Focus

The study examined where organisations are focusing their innovation efforts.

  • How should you strategically allocate your innovation efforts?

  • What is the right balance of innovations that is essential for your organisation’s long-term sustainability.

  • How do you overcome the internal obstacles?


Video 3 – Delivering Outcomes and Results

There are organisations who are achieving significantly more benefits from their innovation efforts than their peers. The study examined how these organisations innovate differently and what drives their innovation performance.

What is also very interesting is that these high-innovation organisations have also delivered more benefits in comparison to our 2018 study.

  • What are some of these differences identified in our study?

  • What are the most important criteria in creating an organisational culture for innovation.

  • How do you create more value from your innovation efforts?


Video 4 – Funding Innovation

In our previous videos we discussed how High-Innovation organisations are investing significantly more time, effort and finances and are achieving more than 2 times the “benefits”.

  • How much are organisations investing in their innovation budget?

  • Is your organisation under investing in innovation?

  • Where does the innovation funding come from in organisations?


Video 5 – Designing an Innovation Program

An innovation management system is essential to take innovation from being a series of one-off projects to a repeatable process.

  • How do you design an innovation program that is right for your organisation?

  • How do organisations concurrently manage running their core business and innovating for the future?


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