What Drives Innovation Performance in 2019?

Find out how organisations are innovating strategically, creating an innovation culture, and delivering more value from innovation.


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Checklist for CEOs, Managers and Entrepreneurs

Innovation is a core driver of growth and long-term sustainability. An organisation’s ability to innovate, to develop the fresh value-creating ideas of its employees and to translate them into the organisation is becoming a fundamental organisation capability. 
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How to secure approval for your next project

The process of developing a solid business case is critically important for securing the approval for projects and investments. Here are the five key steps for creating a solid business case.
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The importance of actionable insights

How do you create great customer experiences which drive performance when your customers’ behaviours and habits rapidly change? 
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Combining customer insights and strategic drivers

Customers are the source of real growth. How do you encourage long-term customer loyalty when your customers’ behaviours and habits rapidly change?
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Developing reporting that fits with your business model

Do you need to improve your organisation’s board and executive reporting? It is critical that the chosen reporting method links to your business model, strategic direction and the environment. An effective reporting framework will aim to address nine key questions.
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